Cindy McCain Wants You To Sign John McCain's Last Birfday Card

Cindy McCain Wants You To Sign John McCain's Last Birfday Card

"Today, I am writing to request your help. John's birthday is on August 29th, and I very much want you and many of his other loyal friends and supporters to be part of the celebration." YOU MEAN WE GET TO COME OVER AND LISTEN TO HIM COMPLAIN ABOUT STUFF, CINDY? Awesome! Yes, the great campaign e-mail tradition of the candidate's spouse asking you to "sign" the ol' birfday card has come up for the McCain camp. Except because it's John McCain, it's just depressing.

Yeah, there's barely even a pretense here that this is anything other than a desperate plea for money. The page you click on is just a giant set of campaign contribution boxes to fill out and some federal election legalese, followed at long last by a tiny box for the birfday message. There's no way to send your message without giving money.

But Cindy has sweetened the deal: "Thank you again for all you do for John and for being a part of our extended family." This is either the saddest thing ever written, or a hint that Cindy McCain will put you in her will and give you a piece of her fortune when she dies, leaving nothing for John or Meghan. The latter would be funny, so it's probably worth donating. [John McCain]


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