This Jeremiah Wright/Racist Grandma scandal has gotten so out-of-hand that it's developed some strange new scandal aesthetic -- Post-out-of-hand. This stage in scandal evolution can only happen when perennial twit Chris Wallace, of Fox News, criticizes his own network for smearing Obama unfairly. And that is exactly what happened on this morning's Fox & Friends. So let's try this out: Th-th-thank you, Chris... Chris Wallace? [Shudder]. And this wasn't even the best part from this morning's Fox & Friends! After the jump, watch the least-of-three-evils host, Brian Kilmeade, get so upset about the Obama bashing that he storms off the set, like a hobo! [UPDATE: The RedLasso player was crashing many browsers, so we have combined the two clips into one tour de force of hilarious Fox infighting! Brian Kilmeade walking off the set is first; Chris Wallace's heroic stand begins with two (2) minutes left in the video].


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