Clarence Thomas Gladly Reads Amoral Decision Against Innocent Black Guy Who Spent 14 Years On Death Row


No, the glasses don't make you look any smarter.Fringe-right corporate lackey Clarence Thomas has famously kept his mouth shut during most of his 20 years on the Supreme Court, because how could anyone improve upon Antonin Scalia's insane bullshit? But on Tuesday, Clarence Thomas cheerfully took the opportunity to read the conservative majority's decision against an innocent black man in New Orleans who had been framed by the district attorney and was very nearly executed. The man, John Thompson, won a $14 million judgment against the crooked New Orleans prosecutors -- a million dollars for every year he was wrongfully imprisoned, often in solitary confinement. And now that judgment has been overturned by our sorry excuse for a high court. Clarence Thomas really got a kick out of reading this to the Supreme Court.

The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday:

The newly revealed blood test spared Thompson's life, and a judge ordered a new trial on the murder charges that had sent him to Death Row. His new defense lawyers found other evidence that had been hidden, iincluding eye-witnesses reports from the murder scene. Bystanders reported seeing a black man who was six-feet tall with close-cropped hair running away holding a gun. Thompson was 5'8" tall and had a bushy "Afro" at the time.

With the new eye-witness reports and other evidence that pointed to another man as the killer, Thompson was quickly acquitted of all the charges in the second trial. He won $14 million in damages in a civil suit against the district attorney.

In rejecting the judgment, Justice Thomas described the case as a "single incident" where mistakes were made.

At least four assistant DA's knew a blood test proving Thompson's innocence had been hidden away, Thompson's lawyers eventually discovered. The innocent man's lawyers also proved to the court that the New Orleans district attorney's office routinely hid evidence that would help acquit innocent people charged with crimes.

After successfully reading the morally reprehensible decision against an innocent black man wrongly and deliberately imprisoned for 14 years and very nearly executed for nothing other than being poor and black and framed by the notoriously racist and corrupt New Orleans district attorney's office, Scalia reportedly gave Clarence two cookies. Hooray for Clarence Thomas! [LAT]


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