Clarence Thomas's Wife Gives James O'Keefe Award For Defending Puberty

We saw a thing on the internet where it said Ginni Thomas, wife of SCOTUS Justice Clarence "Who Pubed My Coke" Thomas, had given Important Journalist James "Who Pubed My Dildo Love Boat, Aw Shucks It Was Probably Me" O'Keefe an award for Defending Puberty, which made no sense to us, because we don't think you're allowed to defend something you haven't even completed yet (at least as far as we can tell).

But the guy who tweeted the thing has a blue checkmark and everything, so we guess it's true:

OH FIDDLESHITS! Did we read that wrong? We must need new glasses.

O'Keefe doesn't deserve an award for "Defending Liberty" either, but fuck if we're gonna spend 400 words explaining why. (Google "James O'Keefe" + "Wonkette" for the correct answer!)

OK Wonkers. It's your open thread. Talk about how James O'Keefe has no business being called a defender of puberty or liberty, or just share recipes and .gifs like you always do. We don't care. BYE!

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