Class War Alert!

leaning to the rightA Wonketteer writes to note that the bike upon which John Kerry perched for pix yesterday is, well, really expensive. We're shocked. You mean a guy with five homes doesn't ride a Schwinn? Still, we had no idea how expensive:

"He is shown riding a Serotta, a small, high quality, custom bike builder whose frames start at $1495 for the frame ONLY and top out at a whopping $4995 for the frame ONLY. Add $1000 for tires, gears, pedals, fancy shoes, Boston College t-shirt etc.

"Am I being petty? Sure, but c'mon, a man of the people dropping $3000 on a bike? Think of the Botox one could buy."

He added: "Man of the people my ass."

Well, we think this is unfair. Kerry needs a custom bike. It has to be able to carry especially, ahem, large packages.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., takes a spin on his bicycle [AP/Yahoo]

Kerry's Hidden Strengths [Wonkette]


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