Class War

Frank Luntz Sent Out 2019 Memo Warning GOP Of Looming 'War On The Successful'

Oh the poor rich people.

GOP pollster Frank Luntz invented — or at least popularized — the term "job creators." He invented a lot of terms, mostly for the purpose of engendering empathy towards and identification with the rich, but "job creators" was certainly one of the more insidious. Starting in 2012, in response to the Occupy Wall Street movement and growing resentment towards capitalism, Luntz started advocating that Republicans repeat the mantra "You don't create jobs by making life difficult for job creators" over and over again. He advised them to stop using terms like "entrepreneur" and "innovator" and instead use "job creator" and "small business owner" (even though the policies they advocated for tended to help "large business owners" instead).

It was largely successful. Public sentiment swung back around to people feeling like they couldn't do or say anything to "make things difficult" for "job creators" else they would take all of the jobs away.

In a 2019 memorandum obtained by Salon, Luntz warned Republicans that public sentiment was once again turning against the rich, and people were starting to want to make things less difficult for themselves. Which, really, is just rude.

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History Facts

This Ain't The First Time A Global Epidemic Led To Workers Demanding Higher Wages

We got some labor history for you!

On June 11, 1352, a series of trials were held against laborers from Wiltshire, England who had violated a 1349 ordinance that decreed that all laborers must accept the wages they had received in 1346. This is a rare specific date when we can look at the economic impact of the Black Death and how the workers who survived sought to take advantage to improve their financial standing.

The impact of the bubonic plague upon Europe was truly amazing. Somewhere between 75 and 200 million people died in Eurasia, mostly in Europe between 1347 and 1351, killing between 30 and 60 percent of Europe's population. World population actually plunged by about 25 percent and did not return to the pre-plague levels until the mid-16th century. In areas such as southern France, southern Spain, and Italy, historians estimate that up to 80 percent of the population died. About 40 percent of Egypt's population died. It was 50 percent in Paris and 60 percent in Hamburg and London. And of course, waves of plague, not quite as deadly as the initial round but still devastating, rolled through Europe every few years into the 17th century. Half of Naples died in a 1656 outbreak, as an example.

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Class War

GOPers Mad Chipotle Not Screwing Workers And Passing The Savings Onto You The Consumer

A burrito is about to be FOUR PERCENT more expensive!

Back when the pandemic first started and people legitimately could not go to work, we quickly learned that the most "essential" jobs outside of medical work were the retail and food service jobs that pay workers minimum wage or close to it. We learned that we actually cannot function without people doing those jobs — and it occurred to some of us that those people, being so essential, probably deserve to earn enough to live on.

Many of the people who realized this were, in fact, the people working those jobs — which is why they're not super interested in working them anymore if they can't earn a living wage while doing so.

This week, Chipotle announced that it will be raising prices by as much as four percent in order to be able to pay employees more money, due to an inability to find people willing to work for as little money as they had been paying previously. This means that my chicken burrito bowl might now cost $8.26 instead of $7.95, both of which are more than the national minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. Oh, the horror.

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Class War

Biden Tax Plan Pretty Great For Working, Middle Classes, Tyranny For Rich. Grab A Fork!

Analysis doesn't include cost of condiments for eating the rich.

An analysis of Joe Biden's plans for taxing rich people and corporations to pay for his two big domestic programs finds that the tax burden would actually be borne by rich people and corporations. This is in contrast to years of Republicans touting "middle class tax cuts" where very few of the benefits actually go to the middle class.

So let's say that one more time, a little differently: The analysis by the Tax Policy Center, a project of the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution, says Biden really would be taxing the rich and corporations. Furthermore, middle- and lower-income households would see actual tax cuts, not merely some scrapings off their annual taxes, as was the case for the Republicans' 2017 Big Fat Tax Cut for Rich Fuckwads. Let's dive in, but only metaphorically, since Scrooge McDuck's vault will have less money to swim in and we wouldn't want to bump our heads.

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