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OK, Californians! The state has finally figured out how to do your non-employee contractor and or self-employed unemployment! The website might be a little jammed up, but keep trying and they will get you sussed, because Gavin Newsom does not hate his own people and want them to die, I ain't pointing any elbows at Florida and Rick Scott unless you happen to see this elbow, here on my arm, which is pointed at Florida and Rick Scott. — SFGate

Oh shit I didn't even see this until so much later. Florida's denied 40 percent of unemployment applications, my God. Anyway Rep. Val Demings says to reapply, you still may be able to get the $600 weekly fed money. (WESH)

Speaking of unemployment, remember that bad lazy dumb NPR story that interviewed a Harlan, Kentucky, coffeeshop owner who said her employees, who make $1200 a month, would get too used to their sweet sweet unemployment benefits? (She also somehow thinks $750 a week is $60,000 a year, so maybe she has other business issues.) NPR has thought about what it did, and guess what? You shouldn't be so rude!

At whom is Trump mad for his own failings today? Brad Parscale, COME ON DOWN! — CNN

Jared and Trump's two months of magical thinking. This Vanity Fair piece is the latest in the "behind the rona" genre, and it's kind of a mess, just a whole bunch of gossipy sources gossiping to Gabe Sherman. But the Jared Kushner parts are pretty terrifying. (VF)

This hed speaks for itself: After One Tweet To President Trump, This Man Got $69 Million From New York For Ventilators. Wait let me add the dek: The Silicon Valley engineer, who had no background in medical supplies but was recommended by the White House, never delivered the ventilators. There, NOW it speaks for itself. — Buzzfeed

Old tab! Drew Magary on the myth of the decent conservative. (GQ)

Who wasn't a decent conservative? Phyllis Schlafly! Amanda Marcotte on "Mrs. America" showing how the old witch invented rightwing trolling. (Salon)

Old tab about the delightful old man who ran the gay brothel out of a Hollywood gas station, and seems to have a character based on him in the new Ryan Murphy "Hollywood." — Daily Beast

Sure I would like to see what Nordstom Rack wants to sell me to make my home office nicer, DB!


Lol fucking idiots.

Did this Norwegian multimillionaire make up a cryptocurrency ransom to cover up his wife's murder? Without having read it, Vanity Fair, I'm going to have to assume the answer is duh.

This is Harrison Ford's FOURTH airplane incident STOP LETTING HARRISON FORD FLY AIRPLANES. (CNN)

Oh how wonderful!

Some people saved some dogs. (LA Times)

Eric Boehlert simply does not care for the New York Times's puff piece on new White House press sec Kayleigh McEnany. — PressRun

Solomon Rajput, running for Congress in Michigan, has put together a really good resource guide for people both in his district and out of it. Anybody see any other congresscritters (or hopefuls) doing similar?


Andy Slavitt talks to Tina Fey. Did I listen? Of course not, it's a podcast!

Bored Panda's pictures of the Kuekenhof, the "world's most beautiful tulip garden," which has no visitors but Bored Panda, for the first time in 71 years. Ok, that's a pretty good tulip garden, I guess.

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