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Hey Rebecca, how was camping this weekend with a husband, two sons, a daughter, a granddaughter, and four dogs on a mountain lake, it was wonderful, why do you ask?


Crazy shit going on in Portland, president all fuck yeah.

Well thank you front page of the Washington Post.

Oh. Appeals court temporarily halts protections for journalists, legal observers in Portland. — ABC News

A Bryan, Texas, middle school teacher's "unacceptable" comments about "colored people" (the NBA) being paid "to entertain us" are unacceptable. (KBTX) Meanwhile, an LA teacher who wore an "I Can't Breathe" T-shirt is getting death threats (CBS) while a Georgia teacher with a Black Lives Matters poster is "under fire" (AJC).

Eighty-seven coronavirus cases from one wedding in rural Maine? Fuckin' sweet. (WaPo)

Meanwhile, Trump's pressuring another federal agency for his pet coronavirus responses, this time the FDA and "convalescent plasma." So expect the agency to crumble before your eyes just like the CDC did. —WaPo

Rampant destruction of forests will unleash more pandemics. Cool, The Guardian. Cool cool.

Frustration leads to violence in masculine culture. Cool, The Behavorist. Cool cool.

Chris Lehmann rounds up the scandals in the House of Falwell. (The New Republic)

Trump's RNC was loaded with disinformation. — McKay Coppins at The Atlantic

Everything you need to know about the Kenosha protest shooting. — Melissa Ryan at Medium

ProPublica ran a story on the Alaska AG who sent dozens of "uncomfortable" text messages to a much younger employee, all "u up." He resigned two hours after they published. Goddamn they're good. (ProPublica)

Salesforce had a blockbuster earnings report, beating expectations, so it laid off 1000 people the next day. — Business Insider

Leaked memo: Don McGahn tried to downgrade Jared Kushner's security clearance because he's a walking fucking red flag. (Axios)

I love you all terribly. Be safe.

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