Word on the street is, Bush is blowing up at anyone who even asks him about pardoning Scooter Libby. Dude doesn't want to talk about it right now, ok?

Today's Times piece on the subject gives us two anonymous sources who nicely illustrate why no one can get a straight answer -- Team Cheney wants a pardon now, and the dudes who are trying to wrest control of the West Wing from that lunatic think it'd be idiotic.

* "Letting Scooter go to jail would be a politically irrational symbol to the last chunk of the 29 percent upon which he stands." -- "A conservative with close ties to the administration."

* "It would show a deep disregard for the rule of law if he was to do it right now, when there has been no remorse shown by a convicted felon and no time has been served." -- "A former senior administration official with his own ties to the case."

We're kinda stumped. Maybe Grover for the first one and... Bartlett for the second? He's almost former, right? Either way, nothing's going to happen until next week, when the judge denies Scooter bail and children across the country weep for their fallen hero.

When Pardons Turn Political [NYT]


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