Climate Change Panel Turns Into Yale Wankfest

Larry Craig wishes he was gay enough to go to YaleLarry Craig attended a Senate hearing on climate change and totally schooled the president of Yale by pointing out the Ivy League university produced more carbon per student than Berkeley. Oh and you know which educational institution produces very little carbon per student? The pinko commies at Boise State, in Craig's own pinko commie state of Idaho.

During this hearing Larry Craig made a bunch of Eli cracks because the Senate Committe on Environment and Public Works is apparently packed to the gills with Yale graduates. Then Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar pointed out that George W. Bush also went to Yale.

Then everybody retired to the Senate Cloak Room for a group wank led in six-part harmony by the Whiffenpoofs before they sodomized each other in coffins and changed the climate forever.

Craig to Levin: 'You're losing' [Yale Daily News]


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