Climate Change Will Kill Pretty Much Everyone, Says Report About To Be Ignored

Climate Change Will Kill Pretty Much Everyone, Says Report About To Be Ignored

Climate change and contributing factors from carbon-intensive societies will cause the deaths of an estimated100 million people in the next 18 years, according to a report released today that politicians will be paid handsomely to throw away and never think about again.

More than 90 percent of those deaths are expected to happen in poorer, farming-based developing countries, according to Reuters, which explains why Mitt Romney does not give a flying you-know-what about dealing with climate change, and would rather use it to make fun of Obama, because the free market will extinguish the flaming poors, that is just how it works.

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Oil Rig) will also likely ignore it, because God controls the climate, not people. (It's OK — he's only the ranking member of the Senate environmental committee.)

The classic climate stupids aren't the only ones who won't be helping — the Senate just voted unanimously (!!) to block a European Union requirement that airlines pay for carbon offsets on international flights, on account of air travel causes huge amounts of pollution. Reliably, Sen. John Thune (R-Nowhere) turned that debate into some other weird thing:

"The Senate's action today will help ensure that U.S. air carriers and passengers will not be paying down European debt through this illegal tax and can instead be investing in creating jobs and stimulating our own economy," Thune said in a statement.

Follow the logic? The money you save on that trans-Atlantic plane ticket will create jobs, because that's the only argument we've got left, never mind that climate change is already putting a huge dent in the global economy.

Let us all immediately request the emails of the scientists who did the study, to call them gay and liars. [Reuters]


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