Clinton Adviser Ickes Distances Self From Mark Penn, For Obvious Reasons

Wasn't his father Harold Ickes Jr.? How is Jr. the father?Hmm, you'd think that one of Hillary Clinton's top advisers would wait until after their horrible losses on March 4 to distance himself from that flaming trainwreck of a campaign, right? Then again, it's never too soon to start prepping for new jobs, and Harold Ickes has one foot out the door. In an interview with the New York Observer, Ickes speaks with harsh candor about the failure that is "chief strategist" Mark Penn, that slovenly toad, and how he pretty much is responsible for the world's problems.

Ickes blames most strategical errors on Penn, saying that outside of Hillary Clinton he is "the single most responsible person for this campaign." Absolutely -- all those things that were Ickes' ideas? They were Mark Penn's ideas, and if you question that you're a liar.

Ickes denies that the Clinton campaign was run by committee, too. Well, unless Mark Penn is so fat that he constitutes a 12-person committee in and of himself:

When asked about the assertion by one senior Clinton official the campaign was effectively run by committee, diluting Penn's authority, Ickes was incredulous.

"I don't know what campaign you're talking about," said Ickes. "I have been at meetings where he introduces himself as the campaign's chief strategist. I've heard him call himself that many times, say, 'I am the chief strategist.'"

Asked if Penn preferred the title of chief strategist to pollster, Ickes said, "Prefer it? He insists on it!"

When asked if Penn was therefore responsible for the campaign's strategy, Ickes said, "It's pretty plain for anyone to see that he has shaped the strategy of the campaign. He has called the shots."

Nice work, Ickes! Now when you're looking for jobs, interviewers will be impressed with your record of not being able to affect any positive change at your former place of employment.

Ickes: Blame Penn [NYO]


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