Clinton Advisor Terry McAuliffe Rips Clinton Adviser Mark Penn For Ripping Clinton Advisers For Ripping Mark Penn

Many Democrats are worried about the party's doom scenario that might result from big Clinton wins today: Hillary Clinton will do anything to win the nomination, and that may include staying in the race! But the silly Democrats have nothing to worry about, because very soon the various Clinton advisers will have destroyed each other, and Hillary will be a roving cat lady trying to find her way home. First Harold Ickes blamed the campaign's failures on Mark Penn, then Mark Penn blamed it on Harold Ickes, Patti Solis Doyle and anyone who isn't himself. Now Team Hillary's chairman, Terry McAuliffe, is telling Penn to shut his fat Bowser mouth.

McAuliffe, the former DNC chairman, appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe program today, and publicly denounced public denouncements:

"Why are you paying so much money to a guy [Penn] that's doing nothing but licking stamps?" MSNBC's Joe Scarborough asked jokingly.

"People ought to quit talking to the press," McAuliffe said, before adding, "When we get through with Texas and Ohio, I'll go talk to Maggie Williams, our campaign manager, about that."

Mmhmm, and you don't sass no Maggie Williams. All else aside, we hope Clinton loses tonight so she can drop out tomorrow, staging the way for the ultimate pay-per-view spectacle: Mark Penn vs. Maggie Williams beating each other to death with corn dogs.

McAuliffe On Penn: Stop Talking To The Press [Huffington Post]


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