Clinton And Obama Both Lie About How Important They Are

FraudsHey, good news, Democratic voters: Whether your candidate of choice is the lady with 35 years of experience dodging sniper bullets with Sinbad or the freshman senator from Illinois who likes to talk about the "hard work" he devotes to bills he doesn't write, you support a fraud. Yes, that's right! In spite of their tough talk, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are both politicians, which is to say liars, who lie about their records and what important people they are.

Handsome Barry Obama apparently let his colleagues work on an immigration reform bill while he slept in and got his beauty rest. And then at the last minute, he swoops in all politician like and takes credit for everything!

Also, he is like that jerk in your junior seminar who wouldn't show up to class and wouldn't pay attention when he was in class, but when he asked a question which had already been asked like a million times he acted like it was the most brilliant question ever invented.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton says she brought peace to Northern Ireland and once personally piloted her corkscrew plane through Bosnian sniper fire, even though comedian Sinbad did both these things. Furthermore, she says she started the State Children's Health Insurance Program even though Senator Orrin Hatch, the lead Republican negotiator on the bill, says "If she was involved, I didn't know about it."

Both of these liars should be thrown in prison so that Orrin Hatch can be our Forever President.

Both Obama And Clinton Embellish Their Roles [Washington Post]


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