Clinton Campaign Cheats With Its 'Count Every Vote' Strategy In Texas

Here she is, counting!Even though Hillary Clinton is doomed to lose the delegate count in Texas, she insists that the Texas Democratic Party verify every signature from its caucus ballots before the state Senate district conventions in order to confirm her official losingness. You see, the twisted intestinal tract called "the Democratic voting process in Texas" intentionally allows opportunities for fraud at virtually every step of the process, and Clinton wants to make sure every on of these opportunities is taken. Or is it the opposite? We are confused, again.

Okay first the Texas Democratic Party held its primary, which determined about two-thirds of the delegate count, and then later that very same day it held a whole bunch of caucuses, which determined about one-third of the delegate count. And because literally a million people showed up for the caucuses, Texas was all "whaaa?" and made people write down their votes on all sorts of irregular pieces of paper and brand it into the hides of their favorite cattle. None of this process was monitored at all, so probably people wrote in votes for "Taints McGee" and stuff, so now the Clinton campaign wants to make sure all that garbage is sorted out before the state Senate district conventions -- even if it means delaying them.

Basically, she hates Democracy and probably the Irish too, which is why we would bet our last gold dubloon she is not drunk today.

Clinton campaign wants Texas to postpone party conventions [AP]


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