Clinton Campaign Post Mortem: Everybody Hates Mark Penn, Still

Hillary Clinton may have conceded the Democratic presidential nomination last weekend, but that doesn't mean her old ex-friend Dick Morris doesn't have some more strategic advice for her! You have heard of this"Mark Penn" character, yes? The pile of human glop that would slither out in front of the teevee cameras and gurgle about Hillary's balls or whatever, until he got fired for being a Colombian sewer-hound? It seems that Mark Penn is to blame for Hillary's failure, which everybody knows, and now Dick Morris knows it, too.

There was only one major reason that Hillary lost: Her message of experience and inevitability, devised by Penn, was fatally flawed. To make things worse, on Penn's advice, she stayed with the foolish strategy long after she and everyone around her should have realized its inherent weakness.

Who is higher on the Clintons' shit list now: Mark Penn, for making Hillary lose, or Dick Morris, for actually making sense?

Who's to Blame? It Was Mark Penn [Real Clear Politics]


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