Clinton Dismisses Jesse Jackson Comment With Defiant 'Meh'

Folks who didn't consider Bill Clinton's use of "fairy tale" or "young man" to be THOROUGHGOING RACISM couldn't find much ambiguity in his comparison of Obama's South Carolina romp to that unimportant "black candidate" Jesse Jackson and his wins there in the '80s. As it happens, we forced our interns to research the history of politics, and they discovered that other humans have won primaries and caucuses in this state before -- white humans. So how are the Clintons planning on spinning this little number away? Well, her campaign's first talking point -- full list after the jump -- is "No." No race cards! No! Good Lord, no. I like this strategy, it's fun.

No! Don't ask me that crap. No to all counts of everything:



Wasn't former President Bill Clinton playing the race card when he sought to downplay Barack Obama's victory in South Carolina by comparing him to Jesse Jackson?

* No.

* Look, President Bill Clinton has spent his entire public and private life repairing the breach in this country.

* Both his Presidency and his post-presidency career have focused on unity, not division.

* So I reject the premise of the question.

* We need to focus on the challenges facing this country - the state of our economy, the continuing war in Iraq, the need for universal health care.

* And those challenges require a President who can come to the office ready to lead on day one, Hillary Clinton

That's your premise? Fuck your premise. No.

Hillary Campaign's Talking Points On Bill's Jackson Comment And Kennedy's Obama Endorsement [TPM Election Central]

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