Clinton Eats Rats, Edwards Gambles, Giuliani Hams

attys.jpgMost of our presidential candidates have law degrees. All of them, except Mitt Romney, have practiced law. The New York Times recently examined the young legal careers of our presidential candidates. In Sen. Hillary Clinton's early days, she represented a cannery that produced pork and beans, and in one case, a can which contained the ass of a rat. She argued that there was no real harm, and besides "the rodent parts which had been sterilized were considered edible in parts of the world."

As a prosecuting attorney, Giuliani was methodical, moralizing and had a "lust for the limelight." Edwards was a gambler; in one case, instead of accepting a settlement offer for settling for $750,000, he rolled the dice and landed $3.7 million. Thompson specialized in bank robbery cases, winning 14 out 15, and served as counsel on the Senate Watergate committee. Of course he also played one on TV. Obama seemed iffy on practicing law and once wrote it was "a sort of glorified accounting that serves to regulate the affairs of those who have power."

McCain is the only candidate without a law degree. Asked whether a president needed Congressional authorization to attack Iranian nuclear sites, Romney said he'd consult with attorneys. McCain didn't agree: "I don't think that's the time to call in the lawyers, when we're in a national security crisis," he said at last debate. "Those are the last people I'd call in."

So, what does all of this say about the candidates? You tell us.

Attorneys at Politics: Would You Hire One to Represent You? [NY Times]


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