Clinton, McCain Join Obama's Breached Passport Party

Barack Obama was so happy when the news about his passport breach came out yesterday -- that was worth at least 10 Unfair Victim Points for him, about 30 shy of the amount he needs to bury this Jeremiah Wright hoopla. Now, however, it appears that passport breaches are not unique to him, but yet another aspect of the Old Politics: Hillary Clinton and John McCain's passport files have also been breached! The State Department is racist, sexist and ageist. And racism and sexism are bad!

John McCain should be especially worried -- that passport file probably has his real age on it, which Insiders estimate to be 102:

State Department Secretary called Obama to apologize. She then had to call Clinton to apologize as well. And by noon, the department held a news conference to concede that McCain's personal file had also been improperly accessed.

The remaining hundreds of millions of Americans should expect their call from the State Department any time between now and 6:00 p.m. ET, March 21, 2431.

Passport Security Breach on McCain, Clinton & Obama [ABC News]


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