Clinton on "60 Minutes": You Learn Something New Every Day

As Clinton explained to Dan Rather, he wasn't about to have the Middle East peace process derailed by Arafat planting a big wet one on him:

CLINTON: Tony Lake, my National Security Adviser, has a wonderful sense of humor, says, well, I know how to do this. Well, now you be Arafat and I will be you and you try to kiss me. And I'll show you what do. . .

RATHER: I'm not sure I want to do this.

CLINTON:So, I shook hands … and he put his hand like this, in my elbow. And he says, ‘If you've got your hand in your elbow, he can't kiss you.’

Presumably, the White House staffer who was supposed to teach this trick to interns fell down on the job.

Clinton's Fight Against Terrorism [CBS]


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