Clinton Supporter Stabs Obama Supporter

Guess who's getting the shit stabbed out of himself at dinner?We knew the question of health care mandates was divisive, but not this divisive. Prosecutors in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, says that "two brothers-in-law" got into such a heated debate over Barack and Hillary that one stabbed the other. Naturally, the Clinton supporter -- or should we say, Clinton surrogate? -- was the stabber.

The debate got out of hand when these brothers-in-law tried to "settle the presidential race on the kitchen floor of a Collegeville, Pa. home." Hey, as long as they settle it somewhere, soon:

One is a supporter of Barack Obama, the other is a supporter of Hillary Clinton, and an argument of words turned bloody when one brother-in-law tried to choke the other and the victim then responded with a knife and stabbed his brother-in-law in the stomach... Police found the knife in the dishwasher.

This violent surrogate of Clinton's may be stripped of his most important American right, too:

If Ortiz is convicted of the felony charge, he won't be able to vote. And voter registration records reveal that Ortiz, who supports Clinton, is registered Republican.

1 Montco Brother-in-Law Stabs Another in Voting Dispute [KYW via Philadelphia Will Do]


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