hillarysanantonio.jpgAfter weeks of seeing themselves outspent, outstrategized, and outflanked by the Obama campaign, the Clinton team is finally getting ahead of the curve: they're already planning a sour, protracted legal battle in Texas that officials warn could ruin the Democratic party there!

According to highly anonymous sources, Clinton's political director has "pointedly raised" the specter of suing the bejesus out of the Texas Democratic Party for something--it's unclear what. We assume it is having the temerity to hold one of those "caucuses" that Hillary is so bad at.

The Texas Democratic Primary is actually a two-step process: first, voters cast their ballots early or in the regular primary; then at 7 p.m. on primary day, MARCH 4 (ARE YOU READING, TEXANS? BECAUSE THIS IS IMPORTANT!) they show up at their regular polling location with the little proof-of-voting card they got when they voted, sign in, and thus magically attend a caucus which, because it is Texas, has another word for it -- "precinct convention." Unlike other "caucuses" where you stand around for 3 hours and are subjected to public ridicule and stoning if you don't vote for Obama, we hear these are pretty quick and painless.

The complicated multi-step nature of this process has, of course, historically discouraged large turnout among Texas Democrats (as has the futile misery of being a Democrat in Texas). But this year, because this state actually matters, turnout will likely be massive. And while a little over half of Texas delegates are awarded according to the primary, 30 percent are awarded by caucus turnout (the remainder go to superdelegates).

This, of course, means that even if Obama loses Texas he wins because his wealthy Northeastern liberal elite supporters are so good at caucusing. This is why the Clinton has gotten cracking early on "the people's business," which is to say a lawsuit.

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Precinct Convention Information [Texas Democrats]


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