Clintoniana: First Person Accounts of Book Signing Welcome

1. "Then the mongoose found my hideout and I had to spend time listening to his non-ideas. I don't like Curly. He doesn't love my daughter." Some people think this might not really be Bill Clinton's blog. [Bill Clinton Daily Diary]

2. "'You cant do no good, moaning and slobbering through the Oval Office door.' A.G said. 'You done skeered them interns. Look at them, walking on the other side of the hall.'" The Hillary version will be based on "The Sound and the Fury." [TMFTML]

3. What Clinton autobiography buyers download (besides porn): "Ray Charles, PJ Harvey, Black Eyed Peas, Avril Lavigne, George Michael, Bebel Gilberto (a Brazilian singer), Alanis Morissette, Velvet Revolver, Beastie Boys, Al Franken, Dan Brown, Michael Moore, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Bob Woodward." [A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago]

4. Reality Checker synthesizes reports on the sales of "My Life": "The book's enormous popularity is also said to be stimulating even more sales of Hillary Clinton's earlier mammoth-selling memoir, Living History." Insert "well, that's the first time he's stimulated Hillary in awhile" joke here. [Reality Checker]

5. And they both curse like a vice president: "[T]he president-elect was heard to mutter, "That f- - -ing bitch." [NY Post]


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