Clinton's Campaign Leaves Trail Of Filth In Abandoned Offices

Bow to the Queen of Slime, the Queen of Filth, the Queen of PutrescenceHillary Clinton's staffers have been soiling carpets and leaving mountains of rotting garbage in rented temporary campaign offices -- and then not paying the bill when they skip town to move on to the next primary state.

One appalled landlord in Portsmouth, New Hampshire was stuck with the $500 rent bill and "enough trash for a small army" when Clinton campaign staff left town.

And a building manager in Clinton, Iowa found in the wake of Hillary's team a befouled dungheap where once there was a pleasant six-room suite. The chairwoman of the Clinton County Democrats said she was "shocked" and "frustrated" to hear about what a pack of savages the Clinton team had been.

Sadly, unlike the last time Clinton staffers were accused of defiling abandoned premises, nobody seems to have left behind any mysterious "porn bombs."

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