hillarySOTU.jpgSo the Bill Clinton "race card and overt co-presidency" angle somehow backfired in South Carolina. Whatever. The Clintons like to put it all on the line -- the candidacy, remaining shreds of dignity, legacies, any supporters anywhere. This week, internet people have been debating the appropriateness of Hillary Clinton's overt pandering to Florida -- a state, like Michigan, stripped of its delegates for the illegal terrorist decision to move its primary earlier -- where she's expected to beat Barack F. Kennedy.

She's "kept" her pledge not to campaign for today's Florida primary, but she also has been saying things like, "This is random I know, but Florida and its divine people are the best things in the world, although I could arbitrarily say the same things about Michigan." Team Clinton knows Florida and Michigan -- where she narrowly defeated "Uncommitted" -- could give her the delegate lead in the end, now that Barry's gone global. But she had agreed not to campaign for them... all candidates had understood the stripped delegate situation... might lose to Barry... but winning is also a good thing... FLORIDA AND MICHIGAN DELEGATES FTW! Take it away Howard Wolfson, Hillary's communications director speaking today:

We don't envision a circumstance in which the Democratic National Convention doesn't seat delegates from Michigan and Florida...

Now that's some good truth -- who wouldn't want to give these states the delegates they had already lost? That's something, I don't know, losers like JESSE JACKSON would want, since he could only win non-existent states like South Carolina, and did you know he is black?

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