Bill and Hillary are apparently responsible for the Bush presidency, according to Vanity Fair's October issue. As we all could've probably guessed, Al Gore's loss in the 2000 election was entirely the fault of the the Clintons, who used all their fundraising acumen and massive charm reserves to get Hillary elected to the Senate instead of helping Bill's rightful successor, Al, get elected despite his best efforts to fuck the whole thing up.

Sally Bedell Smith -- from whose new book, Bill and Hillary Clinton: The White House Years, this piece derives -- talks to a number of observers of the disastrous Gore campaign, who tell her that election night was apparently "bizarre, mostly bitter." Which was surely true in living rooms and taverns across the nation, and not just at the White House.

The "bizarre" quote comes from former Clinton policy adviser Bruce Reed, now president of the DLC and author of Slate's Has-Been blog/column. Reed also spins horrifying tales of Gore and Clinton fighting viciously over which one got to publicize an FTC report about violence in the media. And Hill apparently had the gall to solicit donations right in front of Tipper one time!

Ken Burns also shows up for an interview, and his recollections of an ambivalent Bill Clinton are read by a solemn Tom Hanks and set to a tasteful jazz quartet accompaniment.

More tidbits:

* Bill and Tipper and Al and Hillary often got together for movies and bowling and "nights at Camp David." Kinky!

* Al, unlike Bill and Hillary, has a sense of humor.

* In 1999, Bill kept talking about how terrible Gore was at campaigning, so Al told Newsweek that he never fucked around on his wife.

* Bill recalled telling Gore in the fall of 1999 that he would "stand on the doorstep of the Washington Post's headquarters and let him lash me with a bullwhip" if it would help his campaign. Kinky!

White House Civil War [VF]


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