Clouds: Do They Spell Trouble For Chafee?

This rain will kill us all! - WonketteThe great thing about election day is that there will be no news at all until the sun sets, but everyone has to pretend otherwise. So CNN has run a segment on Dick Cheney hunting, Michael J. Fox feasting on babies to cure his made-up disease, the same shot of five guys in line to vote in Ohio, and the weather. So much weather.

But there are things to look at that aren't weather maps:

Over at Time, Ana Marie Cox is, yes, posting pictures of pandas. Also, pretending Joe Klein will "blog," which really isn't fooling anyone. We're gonna put up a picture of Adam Nagourney in the sidebar and pretend that he'll be periodically checking in too.

We switched (at AMC's suggestion) to MSBNC, and now we've heard Harold Ford say "you don't have to worry about me emailing little boys on the House floor" (because you'll be in the Senate?) and Rick "America's Senator" Santorum accidentally quote Flashdance while explaining his steel-town roots. Then, a weather map.

The Midterm Blog [Time]


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