Clowns, Robots, Continue To Assist in War on Terror

Oh, Washington Times. Sometimes, we genuinely love you.


See, other news organizations might've just framed this as "Fire Departments Misuse DHS Grant Money" or something, especially as it's not really news and something we didn't know, but no, you went with clowns. In the hed. Beautiful.

The LAFS for Life program which received a $69,000 grant, partners with the Des Moines, Iowa, fire department to teach fire safety through puppet and clown shows. The Onalaska Fire Department in Wisconsin also has an $8,000 grant for clowns and puppet shows, and Grants Pass in Oregon will use a $22,000 grant to buy an educational robot.

Hey, we happen to think Homeland Security should be buying robots for our nation's firefighters. Robots are awesome and indestructible.

Yeah, it's Friday, but it looks like every day's Friday at the Times.

Homeland Security grants spent on clowns and gyms [WT]


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