That's so ghetto! - WonketteHaving run out of stories about rich white young Democrats doing whatever they do up there, the NYT "Sunday Styles" team slummed down to the Potomac Polo Club to cover the antics of rich white young Republicans.

The results are as banal and obvious -- cover band playing Journey songs, beer bongs, date rape -- as our report on Republican staffers bragging about all the negroes they have to "take on" in order to buy late-night pizza in Adams Morgan. Here's a quote:

"The club isn't about politics. It is precisely the opposite, as it gives members an opportunity to get away from politics for at least a little while, listen to some live music, throw down a few shots of Patron and have a few howls with the boys. And perhaps enjoy the fruits of some of our lady guests."
At Play In the Realm of Political Animals [NYT]

'Sunday Styles', DC Republicans Remind Us Why We Live in NYC [Gawker]


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