C'mon, Matt, Get With the Program

Here is a screen cap from the Drudge Report:


A Wonkette source in the radio industry writes:

Drudge has a headline that a DJ hijacked his radio station to make sure the format doesn't change... What Matt doesn't know is today starts the biggest ratings period of the year, and he has fallen for the oldest ratings prank in the book.

Basically, a DJ goes on air saying "They're changing the format and I don't like it, so I refuse to leave the studio until my bosses leave it alone," then people tune in to see how long the jock stays on the air. Of course, the whole time the station has no intention of changing the format at all...

It's ironic that Matt fell for this. If anyone can see through sensationalist, ratings-boosting stunts, it should be Drudge.

Local DJ Hijacks Airwaves To Prevent Station Change [Drudge]


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