CNN Democratic Primary Debate: Quick First Impressions

big gay debateTape-Delayed Live Blogging:

Ooo! They're sitting down!

If John Kerry and John Edwards respected and liked each other any more, we'd have to pass a constitutional amendment against it.

Edwards is the son of a mill worker.

Sharpton mentioned the ERA! What's that?

They put poor Kucinich down at the kids' end of the table.

Kerry pulls the most brilliant gay marriage move yet: "This is exactly what the president wants us to spend our time talking about... It's not even the biggest story... the biggest story is 43 million Americans who have no health care."

BUT THEN HE LIES. What's this about having support among Republicans? Did the Botox go to his brain?

Edwards is thinking, "How can I point out he's lying without seeming like a bad guy"

Kucinich continues to get laughs out of simply referring to his getting the nomination.

Did you know that Edwards is the son of mill worker?

Sharpton: I'm going to Haiti. Did I mention I'm going to Haiti?

Kerry: "I've accepted no money from PACs." Right. Just from companies who need favors.

You may not realize this: Edwards is the son of a mill worker.

You know what? Foreign policy is boring if it's not about evildoers and stuff.

Debate over.

Aaron Brown is a pompous ass.


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