Another Bomb Threat For CNN. Get Ready For The False Flag Two-Step!

Police have a preliminary sketch of the suspect.

CNN's offices in New York had to be evacuated late Thursday night after some idiot phoned in a bomb threat to the Time Warner Center. It was the second time since October the network has been threatened by bombs; an actual pipe bomb was delivered to CNN's New York bureau, one of a whole bunch of bombs sent by a Trump supporter. In last night's incident, the caller claimed, shortly before 10 p.m. Eastern, that there were five bombs in the building.

And wouldn't you know it, in the 20 or so minutes between the threatening phone call and the news of the evacuation breaking on TV, Donald Trump decided -- for once, really by coincidence -- to yet again tweet out another all-caps condemnation of "fake news," while complaining about the Mueller investigation. He has to do that twice a day to move his bowels, we think. While there's no possibility that particular tweet could have prompted the bomb threat (unless the caller has stolen Obama's time machine), the coincidence was a fine reminder that the "president" of the United States has pursued a years-long campaign of stochastic terrorism against the news media.

The timestamp matters, for once. (That 8:08 p.m. is because Twitter translated it to the mythical "Mountain Time Zone," where some of your Wonkettes live.)

Not long after the bomb threat, CNN's Don Lemon wrapped up a remote interview with North Carolina Democratic congressional candidate Dan McCready about his decision to un-concede, and went to commercial. The rush to get New York off the air left McCready staring uncomfortably at the camera for a moment.

For a time, CNN ran pre-recorded material while the building was evacuated, and eventually, the network went live again, with Lemon reporting from the street nearby.

Police determined the building was safe to re-enter shortly before midnight, and CNN staff were allowed to go back inside. The AP reports police said the caller had "a southern accent," but that seems really unfair, since Deep State operatives can certainly fake accents, the way they do.

Unfortunately, a whole lot of people who should know better have gone on the Twitter machine saying the bomb threat occurred right after Trump's tweet. That was forgivable in the confusion last night, but anyone repeating it this morning is just giving ammunition to the Trump apologists who'll call that "fake news," because this particular instance of Trump having a tantrum at the media really was coincidentally timed. Get ready for the wingnuttosphere to be full of bad faith claims that since this blast at the media couldn't have provoked this one threat, then Donald Trump's constant refrain that the media are enemies of America is naught but an amusing sidelight, and besides, it's true, journalists are evil.

Mind you, it's just possible the caller's animus toward CNN may have something to do with the literally hundreds of times Trump has criticized CNN previously. Just in case you'd forgotten, here's a sampling of recent hits from the searchable Trump Twitter Archive:

Thank goodness, Fox News was quick to go with a headline that was simply quoting the reports from CNN and police; no way are they suggesting the whole thing was fake, heavens no!

That's some pretty sharp "reporting," we gotta say.

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