CNN Live Mic SNAFU: The Video

We're working on a rough transcription, but until we finish it, just enjoy this video of Kyra Phillips chatting, seemingly in the bathroom, with an unidentified co-worker (Daryn Kagan?) while Bush blabs about levees or something.

Update: In case you're unclear on what you're hearing, some of the better bits are written out after the jump. As always, we welcome corrections and better interpretations.

Highlights: The clip starts with what sounds like "ASSHOLES." Then Kyra talks about, presumably, a boy of some sort: "No ego... you don't understand., just a really passionate, compassionate human being. And they exist! They do exist. They're hard to find--"


KYRA: "But they... are out there."

Thankfully, "Mom" seems to approve ("good vibe")

Then, Kyra again: "Of course brothers hafta be, you know, protective. [ZIP] Except for mine. I gotta be protective of him. Ugh, yeah. He's married, three kids, but his wife is just a control freak."

Then the best part:

WOMAN: Kyra--

KYRA: Yeah baby--

WOMAN: Your mic is on.

ANCHOR: All right, we've been listening in to...


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