CNN Money Website Says American Dream Officially Dead

CNN Money Website Says American Dream Officially Dead

CNN Money, the oddly named online conglomeration of Money and Fortune magazines, has some bad news for America on this Election Day: The American Dream has died -- or, to use the popular euphemism, it has faded away. Oh well.

The American Dream is, of course, home ownership. (Haha what did you think it was, being a rich novelist full of cocaine or the publisher of Playboy, in the 1970s?) And home ownership is now something forever out of reach to one-third of all Americans.

Things are not much better for the lucky 66.9% who have clung to edge of their stucco debt holes this far into the Great Recession/End Times, because about a third of these people are "underwater" -- meaning they do not own a home at all, not even a little teeny tiny part of a home, because their mortgage debt far exceeds the theoretical value of their shoddily constructed tract houses.

This means only about 46% of Americans can actually claim to own a portion of the bedbug-ridden moldy-drywall gloom boxes they call home. The other 54% of Americans are, legally, serfs. (Haha just kidding, serfs had jobs.) [CNN Money]


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