CNN must have a huge crew of journalists employed by other news agencies!

OMG you guys, did you hear that CNN completely staged a fake protest by fake Muslims who were only pretending to condemn ISIS for Saturday's terrorist attacks in London? As everyone knows, there's no such thing as Muslims who really disagree with terrorism, so that's the only possible explanation for this GOTCHA video by Twitter user (and "anarchocapitalist #libertarian #Minarchist, according to his Twitter bio) "Mark," who caught the shocking evidence as he stood behind a bunch of journalists ("CNN creating the narrative #FakeNews). Unfortunately, "Mark" held his fucking phone sideways like a brainless Moran, so we'll use someone else's rightsideup version of the video:

"Mark" also thought there had to be something very fishy about how CNN moved the London police around, the way news networks usually boss cops around for the sake of stage management:

In any case, the story made it to the Stupidest Website on the Internet, which was shocked, SHOCKED at the shocking scene of several journalists, including CNN's Becky Anderson, asking the protesters to stand so the signs were more visible. Obviously, the whole thing was staged by CNN!!!!! Also, notes the dumb Gateway Pundit report, the whole thing is clearly fake since one of the same "protesters" shows up in a photo of another anti-ISIS protest at a different location (like there could be even one such protest, let alone two!), this one covered by the Associated Press. Clearly, such a thing is impossible, as Muslims are well known to be immobile.

Becky Anderson's own report for CNN was actually not the least bit pro-terrorist, unless saying terrorists are bad (and quoting Donald Trump calling them evil losers) is secret code for "I Heart Terrorism":

Now, the pro-Terrorist liars at Snopes point out that none of the rightwingers screaming "Fake News!" offer any evidence at all that CNN had faked a single thing, apart from showing up at a spot where the demonstration was happening, setting up lights, and asking some of the protesters to stand so their signs could be seen. And at one point, a photographer in the back signaling for Anderson to get out of their shot. Also, we'd note the video shows a whole bunch of other reporters, too. Attention, conspiracy freaks: CNN camera crews don't have twenty or thirty people in them, much less multiple still photographers. The paid disinformation specialists at Snopes insist:

[Nothing] suggested that CNN “staged” the demonstrations to any extent greater than engaging protesters, directing their positions, and asking them questions as part of a news segment.

Those spreading the rumor claimed that the same person appeared in different videos wearing the same unique pink trousers, a dead giveaway that the person was a “paid protester.” However, rumor-mongers did not elaborate as to why multiple photographs of the same protester indicated perfidy rather than multi-outlet coverage of the same protest.

CNN issued a statement to Mediaite explaining that the only "stage managing" was done by the police, so the journalists on hand could get a better image:

This story is nonsense. The group of demonstrators that was at the police cordon was being allowed through by officers so they could show their signs to the gathered media. The CNN crew along with other media present simply filmed them doing so.

Mediaite also points out that it's "actually not that uncommon for hosts and producers to arrange protesters or pedestrians behind reporter to provide a varied background." If that's "fake news," then virtually any people-standing-around-in-a place coverage is fake news as well. By that standard, every White House Rose Garden announcement since the advent of TV news has been fake news. Nonetheless, the "CNN faked a protest" narrative has already become an unshakeable article of faith for wingnuts, from Donald Trump Jr., to comments at Mediaite:

Gosh, when Yr Dok Zoom covered that big dumb gun-humper rally at the Idaho Capitol building a few years back, I asked a few of the people there to hold up their signs for a better view.


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