Co Co. Sala: Creepy Men And Glorious Dessert

Co Co. Sala: Creepy Men And Glorious Dessert

Co Co. Sala is supposed to be the perfect place for a first date or a ladies’ night out. There are chocolate desserts, a bar stocked with girly cocktail drinks and sexytime mood lighting. So why is this place so lame?

The reality of the situation is this: there is something desperately uncool about Co Co. Sala. And it’s not just the sleek furniture and the house music. (What is this, Barcelona circa 1999? When will people realize the “modern lounge” look is over?) It’s the people. Everybody looks like they are there to get laid. The room is filled with sleazy, over-moisturized men and Hill women (shudder) with their tits shoved up to their chins, eating bonbons suggestively and getting “drunk” off Riesling. It’s enough to make you lose your appetite.

Well, almost. The food, although expensive, is worth the money -- Co Co. Sala certainly does magical things to chocolate. The playful Childhood Favorites “3-course dessert experience,” included a warm Boston cream pie doughnut rolled in granulated sugar, a peanut butter ice cream cake dripping with chocolate syrup and a strawberry cheesecake lollipop dusted with Pop Rocks. The “experience” did have a few misses -- the mint chocolate chip cone tasted of shaving cream and the cappuccino panna cotta had the texture of a rubber stamp.

If sweets aren't your thing, Co Co. Sala’s small plates menu has everything that a small plates menu should have: mini burgers, tuna tartar, crab cakes and mac n’ cheese, all quite good.

It's just too bad that Co Co. Sala's vibe is such a turn off, because the food is really fantastic. But if you can withstand getting hit on by butterfaces and foreign men in suede jackets, by all means, go.

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