FudgepackerGuess who will for sure be John McCain's pretend vice president until November 4? Creepy businessman Mitt Romney, that's who! According to a Super Exclusive and Very Weird Sentence by CO-ED Magazine, which is actually a website full of hot young girls who are more than half naked: "Sen. John McCain will choose businessman and former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney as Vice President, in his bid for the White House this November, a source closely connected with the McCain campaign, who asked to remain anonymous, told us earlier this afternoon."

This source, who could it be? Meghan McCain? Maybe Cindy McCain? Probably not Carol McCain.

Whoever the star-bellied sneetch, there is a certain obvious logic to why Walnuts McCain would pick the Mittens: Romney has a gazillion alien dollars.

And now that the Great Indian Hope has gone down in exorcist flames, and Mike Huckabee is a lunatic who thinks it is funny to scare the black people with shotguns, there's really no other choice for McCain's losing team than orange-skinned dog-torturingScientology-loving Frenchman Mitt Romney.

Follow The Money: McCain to Pick Mitt Romney As Running Mate [CO-ED Magazine]


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