COBRA Subsidies Are The Opiate Of The Masses

  • Well apparently not everybody is broke these days, because a certain pharmaceutical giant is going to pony up $41 BILLION to acquire a certain other pharmaceutical giant. [MarketWatch]
  • Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's wife Susan was killed in a recent car accident that also wounded the PM. People suspect foul play because duh, this is Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe hates Tsvangirai's guts. The new widower says it was all an innocent accident and everybody needs to calm down. [BBC News]
  • Warren Buffett offered investors cheerful words such as "the economy fell off a cliff" and (paraphrase) "inflation will soon make your existing $400,000 mortgage look like pocket change." [Reuters]
  • The state of Massachusetts expanded its socialist healthcare scheme by subsidizing unemployed workers' COBRA payments. Meanwhile, every productive capitalist in the state has fled this horror, just like in Atlas Shrugged. [Boston Globe]
  • Tim Geithner has ruined the economy through lack of Treasury Department staffing. [New York Times]
  • At least we aren't alone in this economic mess of ours. We have managed to drag the entire planet Earth into the first global recession since World War II. [Washington Post]

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