Cocktober Winds Down in Fairest Washington

Halloween @ a theater near you! "As one swift look at our calendar indicates, this weekend you may as well just sleep in costume since there are so many (pre) Halloween parties around it is almost, well, scary. Alternatively though (and this option is starting to seem more and more appealing to me) you can go the route of being scared in the dark, as you did when you were seven." [BrightestYoungThings]


* Justin Jones and the Driving Rain @ the Rock 'N Roll Hotel, "Inspired by the soulfulness of old Motown recordings, and the imagery and story-telling of traditional mountain music, Blue Dreams is a nine song autobiography of Justin's life. Dealing with the full range of human emotion, from the death of his father in 'You Ain't Around', to the loss of love in 'The One That Got Away', to the youthful optimism of 'Green Pastures' Blue Dreams' stripped down instrumentation offers a breath of fresh air from the over-produced sound of today." $10, 9 p.m. [Justin Jones]

* OMG, Halloween Rave @ DC9, "So this month, we're back for a HALLOWEEN RAVE with the one and only COBRA KRAME$. We're all getting up in stupid costumes and playing rave music all night like it's 1993. SHYAAAAEAHHHH!!!!" $8 after 10 p.m. [Nouveau Riche]


* Halloween Walking Tour of Georgetown, "The tour begins at the beautiful and haunted Oak Hill Cemetery, and stops at a range of other spooky locales, like a mystery mansion with doors to nowhere, the old Foxhall museum and the "Exorcist" steps. Some Halloween candy and treat will be provided, and an optional reception with a cash bar will be offered after the tour in Georgetown." $20, 5:45 p.m. [WP City Guide]


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