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Why is anyone in Washington surprised that a protester interrupted Iraqi PM Nouri Kamel al-Maliki as he addressed Congress? Sure, it was rude of Code Pink member Medea Benjamin to scream over the speech after Karl Rove worked so hard translating it into Arabic. But let's focus on the real suckers here: the Capitol police. How hard is it to pick Medea Benjamin out of a crowd? This is what she does - she scurries into big Republican events and ruins them. And she even looks like Cindy Sheehan. Here she is at the 2004 Republican convention, when she interrupted George W. Bush's acceptance speech. That's the kind of thing you remember, isn't it?medearnc.jpg

If instead of crashing speeches she was bouncing checks, every CVS in her neighborhood would have a snapshot of her and a note: "Don't sell her anything. She crazy." If you're a Capitol cop reading this, stop hitting Cynthia McKinney for a second and print this out:medeahula.jpg

Now slide it into your wallet. You're welcome.

Maliki Speech Interrupted By War Protestor [ThinkProgress]

-- David Weigel


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