Colbert Introduces Pelosi at Girly Fashion Do-Da

i wanted a syrian comedian, as well as SCHIPAlthough the Demrat party hasn't shown much love to Stephen Colbert recently, the "Doritos Candidate" will always shill for ladiesss of the lefty persuasion when it means free magazine party cocktails! Last night, for example, Stephen Colbert was tapped to introduce an honoree at Glamour's Women of the Year Awards, and it wasn't Inez Tenenbaum. He introduced House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with one of those funny monologue thingies he does so well. The question lingers, however: Has Colbert turned from faux-righty to faux-righty-masquerading-as-faux-mainstream-lefty?

Considering his knowledge of lady clothes, he'll probably masquerading as a representative from Washington state soon:

No, I am here tonight because I love Glamour. I love its lifestyle. I love the magazine. I have my own personal do's and don'ts. Do work a retro up-do, with a little headband. Don't criticize the president. And I just love fashion. This season, I love high-waisted pants. I adore Oxford pumps--no, ankle booties! And if you have a sweater dress? Make it even better--belt it! If it wasn't so cold tonight I would have ditched my wing-tips and worn my platform mandals.

That's why I'm here tonight to introduce Nancy Pelosi, because she is the most glamorous speaker we've ever had. I cannot pinpoint exactly what makes her different than previous speakers. All those guys had style. Newt Gingrich worked the aisle in pinstripes and power ties. And long before Jennifer Aniston had the Rachel hairstyle, Speaker O'Neill had the Tip hairstyle. Four-inch eyebrows, matching earbrows. Speaker Dennis Hastert was a plus-size model for Lane Bryant.

Stephen Colbert Goes Glam, Writers' Strike Be Damned [NY Observer]


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