colbert_gq.jpgOnline betting site Bodog has been keeping odds on the 2008 presidential election and, according to them, have included Stephen Colbert since the outset. And now that Stephen Colbert has announced he will run in South Carolina -- the details of which are still nebulous -- the Bodog people have bumped his odds in "Who Will Win the 2008 Presidential Elections" from 800/1 to 600/1. Huzz...ah? How is he in 20th place still, behind the likes of Ralph Nader (125/1) and Duncan Hunter (100/1)? How was he behind someone named Jonathan "The Impaler" Sharkey (700/1) until yesterday, and how do the rest of us remain behind him? Who the fuck is Hillary Clinton (3/2)?

Oh and haha, Tom Tancredo and Mike Gravel have no odds whatsoever.

Odds On: Who will win the 2008 Presidential Election? [Bodog]
Photo via GQ


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