Colbert to Run Colonial Williamsburg?

* "Comedy Central TV show host Stephen Colbert may have abandoned his brief run for the White House, but he ended up in a three-way tie for a seat on a local board in Williamsburg." [NBC4]

* "This is the kind of organization that come out with columns titled 'Want Protection from Breast Cancer? Have Some Babies.' If I had seen that without any context I would have assumed it was an Onion headline." [why.i.hate.dc]

* I mean, how are we supposed to fend off all of these homeless people? [DCist]

* "I might be tempted to go back to Mass when Pope Benedict brings his funny little car to the streets of DC in April. He will say Mass at the new DC Stadium, a choice I found odd because there's no parking there, and frankly, there's parking AND a higher capacity at RFK. Regardless, if the Pope's your guy, he's coming next April." [Metroblogging DC]

* "The temp life without a JD: menial labor, asshole bosses, $10 an hour; the temp life with a JD: menial labor, asshole bosses, $35 an hour." [Washington City Paper]


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