College Faculties Infested with Liberals, Part 2

Ladies ain't got the smarts to be physics professors? Hey, there could be something to that. Conservatives greatly outnumbered by liberals in the most prestigious ivory towers? There's gotta be some bias going on! This, ultimately, was the reason for the new study about liberal college professors mentioned below. (Everyone already knew they were all liberals.) To find out if lefty eggheads were locking out their conservative counterparts from the best teaching gigs, the authors of the new study looked at that old study and used the word "multivariate" a lot. (Sorry, have no idea...) Conclusion: "The results do not definitively prove that ideology accounts for differences in professional standing." But they might, the authors maintain. Also at a potential disadvantage, according to their analysis: women and practicing Christians. The latter is a definite surprise, and also kind of a scandal, because you know what it means, dontcha? All those profs at Notre Dame, Oral Roberts University, and the hundreds of other faith-based schools in America? IMPOSTERS!

College Faculties a Most Liberal Lot, Studies Find [WaPo]

Politics and Professional Advancement Among College Faculty [The Forum]


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