College Newspaper Lands Major 'Joe The Plumber' Interview

College Newspaper Lands Major 'Joe The Plumber' Interview

Unlicensed artisan Sam Wurzelbacher, known to most Americans as "Joe the Plumber," has gone from interviews on CNN/MSNBC/Fox News everyday and being the only talking point of a major party's presidential campaign to much higher vistas: an interview with the Tufts college newspaper and the single most important journalist since Mencken, Michael Bendetson, "a freshman who has not yet declared a major." Joe explains that he will never have any success doing anything popular again, except for thatweird blog and book.

Ha ha, this Bendetson fellow needs no lousy major ever, because he is awesome already:

Every presidential election has distinct images and words that come to people’s minds when they reminisce. In 1960, it was the New Frontier. In 1980, it was Morning Again in America. In 2008, it was Joe the Plumber.

With "Change" coming in at a distant second, of course.


Q: Various reports have also leaked the idea of you becoming a country musician. Is there any substance to this speculation?

A: No. I will dispel all the rumors I have heard. First, I will not be the new bachelor on ABC’s show. Second, I will not be a country music star. Most people pay me to stop singing — and not to sing. I will not be on a reality show; reality is what happens every day and not what happens when someone sticks a camera in your face.

Does he really expect anyone to believe that he won't end up on a reality show, making the $2/gig night club appearance rounds in South Ossetia?

[Tufts Daily]


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