College Repubs Find Way to Screw Nationally-Known Democratic Pol

From a Princeton College Republican Email:


I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. In June, I informed you all of a campaign opportunity for State Senator Tom Kean race for U.S. Senate in NJ. Continuing the tradition of letting you about summer campaign opportunities here is a much more unconventional option:

Incumbent Senator Joe Lieberman (Democratic Primary)
Lieberman is facing a tough primary fight versus far-left anti war activist Ned Lamont.

August 4-9th Primary Campaigning:

People interested in campaigning for Lieberman in the Democratic Primary will have lodging accommodations paid for (by his campaign), as well as food and transportation.

Are the people who quit Katherine Harris' campaign going to work for Lieberman? Where else would one find such a monumentally dense staff?

Today's Connecticut item [The Inside Edge]


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