Colorado Candidate Jailed For Choking His Daughter

Jefferson County school board member and Colorado legislative candidate Vince Chowdhury just sort of "lost it" when his goddamned wife and daughter didn't open the garage door quickly enough when he was sitting in the driveway HONKING THE HORN, so he went to jail, because he allegedly grabbed his sixteen-year-old daughter's throat, with both hands, andchoked her, until she bit him, and then she hid in the bathroom until the Sheriff's Department arrived.

But what's really funny are the comments on the Denver Post article:

  • I bet that garage door will go up a lot quicker the next time though.
  • This guy should be a cop.
  • What an *******. Get out and open the door yourself. Big man, slapping around a teenage girl.
  • The guy regularly pulls up to his house, honks the horn, and expects his family to run and open the door? Dude, garage door openers are cheap. His neighbors should have choked him long ago.

House candidate, school board member charged with choking daughter [Denver Post]

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