Colorado Gov Candidate: When Would God Ever Allow The Seas To Rise And The Earth To Flood?

Republican candidate for Governor of Colorado Bob Beauprez isn't too worried about this "global warming" stuff because the Earth can take care of itself, with a little help from God probably. In a debate Tuesday with incumbent Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, Beauprez said that it's nice that we're fighting pollution and even CO2 emissions, but we don't need to do anything drastic because God's totally got this one:

“There’s people who want to believe that we’re the problem,” he remarked. “I think people are the solution. We’ve cleaned up the air, we’ve cleaned up the water. We are reducing carbon emissions, and we should continue to due so.”

“Long-term climate change?” Beauprez added. “The Earth always changes. Can we reduce our impact? Yes. But are we going to end or alter the path that Earth’s evolution is going to take? I don’t think so. I think the Earth’s already figured that out and powers bigger than us have figured that out.”

We suppose we can at least congratulate Beauprez for avoiding the Republican "I am not a scientist" cliché o' the day, at least, although he did fall back on Republican Climate Cliché #2: "the climate is always changing," so that kind of cancels it out. And then he wrapped it up in a big ol' "Earth and the Creator will take care of it just fine" bun, which should sell well with the fundagelicals, just as long as he doesn't sound too much like one of those Gaia-worshipping greenies.

Think Progress also dug up a quote from a 2006 book in which Beaprez warned that we shouldn't get too het up about this global warming nonsense, since it's just another passing fad like flagpole sitting, hula hoops, or civil rights:

The hysteria surrounding the question of global warming has been something to behold. Mankind is certainly prone to following false prophets and jumping on the bandwagon du jour. It is not at all unfair to liken the global warming fervor to a religious revival or a spiritual experience, with the word being spread by the true believers with similar evangelical enthusiasm.

And just what is wrong with religious revivals and evangelists, Mr. I-Want-Colorado-Springs'-Support?

Also, too, despite his vague murmurs in favor of cutting carbon emissions, back in June Beauprez attended a Denver rally against proposed EPA rules to reduce carbon emissions, claiming that Western Colorado would just be killed to death if we try to cut CO2, telling the assembled coal lovers, "These rules would turn a town like Craig, a town like Delta into ghost towns.”

The Lord Almighty did not return a request for comment on His plans to intervene and keep atmospheric science from happening as predicted. It is believed the Creator of the Universe was otherwise engaged, having received multiple requests for assistance in the outcome of high school football games.

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