Columbia Heights Now Completely Gentrified By Ghosts

  • What would happen if you joined the Marines and then were sent to Okinawa to play with radios but then got bored and pretended to have PTSD and then told little children that you ate a grenade to save Lt. Dan during a heavy firefight in Fallujah and then bought a bunch of medallions to pin on your shirt from eBay and then got all sorts of free goodies because everyone thought you were a fabulous war hero? Thanks to the efforts of a brave Marine, we now have the answer. [Washington Times]

  • The fantastical DC taxicab diet pill drug pyramid scheme is becoming less spectacular by the minute. [DCist]

  • Uh, that noise in your attic is not a ghost. That's Jonah Goldberg, yapping on about zombies, forever. Just ignore him. [Washington Examiner]

  • The Holy Trinity of sexual harassment. Amen. [Holla Back DC]

  • Hipsters go on dates? Aren't they already busy roaming the streets in search of over-sized flannel shirts to put a belt around? It doesn't even have to be a shirt, actually. They'll belt anything. Trashcans. Magazines. Box wine. That's a good date, right there. "Let's go belting." "Okay." [The Heights Life]


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