Come Make Lifelong Friends And Learn New Skills At The KKK's Funtimes Summer Camp!


Are you a bored American looking to salvage the summer with a memorable camp experience? Sure you are.

But are you also an impressionable young mind who wants nothing to do with sports, building houses, or miscegenation? Then you're in luck, little ticking time bomb. Because America's Very Own Ku Klux Klan has just the place for you.

Later this month you and your dogeared copy of The Turner Diaries can spend 6 days and 5 nights at Klan leader Thomas Robb's property in lovely Harrison, Arkansas, at what the KKK calls the Soldiers of the Cross Training Institute (SOTC). According to the website:

Even though the hour is late and the night is deep upon us, we are sounding forth this final call to men and women – devout and brave – to rally to the flag and join this New Crusade for race, faith and homeland

We are standing as a witness to the greatest betrayal of the ages. A betrayal of not only our people but a betrayal of civilization itself. Yet there are few who have the courage to stand before the abyss and point the way to our racial redemption [...]

It is for this reason that Pastor Robb was given the vision to assist men and women of all ages to gain the knowledge and understanding needed to be a voice of racial redemption.

Although embedded in the Ozarks, the camp is classroom-focused, with curriculum possibly approved by the Texas Board of Education but definitely including classes such as "Establishing White Consciousnesses in a Modern Society" and "What is Propaganda and How To Use It Effectively." So come on down white people (non-Jews obviously)! There's no time to waste or you just may miss out on a delicious Oreo-filling and saltine "S'More."

Like other summer camps, participants will also learn how to work with their hands as they're taught to flip off  gay couples, point out Zionist conspiracies (a lot), press and hold Caps lock keys, and cover their eyes at the sight of the Miss Black USA pageant.

While the camp is geared towards adults, don't fret, precocious little sheet-heads. If you're 16 years of age or older, you can attend with parental permission and be better prepared to avenge all the injustices perpetrated on God-fearing white people from the Emancipation through Obama's inauguration, and every NBA All-Star game in between. The $500 fee covers the cost of all books, materials, room and meals. J

Just in case you're homesick, you'll be able to keep in touch with the responsible authority figures that granted you permission to go to a White Nationalist camp.

Hello Mother,

Hello Father.

Here I am at

Camp Klan that will soon be overrun by NObama's UN Agenda 21 gestapo thuggs just like u said. please send ammo + enrgy drinks and tell PS4 users RedDawn69 and Starnes_ToddPP that I love them (not homosxul tho) also send Wintergreen Skoal (long cut)

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If you can't afford the $500, scholarships are available, and we highly doubt any type of quota system is involved. Students who complete all classes and earn a passing grade will be awarded a "Certificate of Achievement," something that could be nice to put on your resume depending on the local police department to which you inevitably end up applying.

So don't wait. Enroll today! (But only if you want to be a stupid fucking terrorist.)



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